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Healthy slimming methods drugs and treatment


One of the most important problems of today’s world is the problem of overweight.

If you want to look slim and fit in the summer, get rid of fat around the belly and lose weight without losing your health, listen to these suggestions.

Lose weight without losing your health
When you say bikini, dress, skirt, shorts in the summer, you may be in a hurry to be in shape. It is the dream of many people who have a slim and fit summer, get rid of fat around the belly, and have weight problems. Don’t lose weight for you. Remove obstacles to lose weight healthily. The answer to the question of “Okay but how” is in our article.

Watch out for dangerous breakfasts!
There is about 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast. This time goes up to 16-17 hours without breakfast. Prolonged hunger causes weight gain as it will decrease the metabolic rate. Therefore, when you wake up, make sure you have breakfast within 1 hour. Skipping breakfast or choosing high-calorie foods such as pastries and pastries for breakfast is one of the most important reasons for weight gain.

Balance your meals
When we skip or delay our meals, we eat more than it should be at the next meal. Thus, we get the excess energy in one meal. However, regular meals speed up your slimming by balancing the speed of your body work.

Do not get up from the table more than twenty minutes ago
When you eat your food for more than 20 minutes and slowly, there will be a feeling of fullness, and there will be no food consumption that is the basis of the weight problem and the body does not need. Eat your meals long and slowly by chewing.

Do not eat plate of food
If you want the slimming to be permanent, you need to pay attention to portion control while eating. Therefore, prepare the portions determined for you on your plates. If you want to lose weight, do not bring the bread to the table with a basket of bread and the food with the serving plates.

Snack in moderation
Don’t miss your little snacks that seem small in your daily meal plan. Do not eat high-fat snacks such as chocolate, chips, biscuits. Watch out for portions of healthy snacks that look like innocent walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruits.

Thin with yogurt and kefir
Probiotic foods such as yogurt and kefir have an important place in healthy thinning as well as health. These foods, which help with weight loss by regulating energy use in the body, are also effective in increasing bowel movements.

Eat fiber foods
Posed foods give you a feeling of fullness and prevent you from getting hungry quickly. Whole wheat and whole rye bread, vegetables and fruits, chickpeas, red beans, lentils, etc. Dried legumes such as are among fiber-rich foods.

Don’t be thirsty
Take care to consume 2 – 2.5 liters of water a day. Drinking water before and during the meal helps to create a feeling of fullness without calories, and prevents unnecessary calorie intake in that meal. It also helps to be willing against high-calorie foods.

Exercise is a must
It is not possible to lose weight just by changing the diet. It is absolutely necessary to support a successful diet with regular physical activity. Make a half-hour walk every day a part of your daily life.

Keep your goal clear
The most important step is to be determined in slimming and set goals. Do not despair, as all changes require a certain process. Remember that having a balanced, stable and conscious approach will lead you to your goal while on a diet.

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Champions league match live highlights 2020


We have prepared news for you about the Champions League 2019 2020 matches, which was great this season.

On the other hand, Atalanta, who won a different tour and opened the tour gate in Italy, will be the guest of Valencia in Mestalla and you can follow this exciting Champions League struggle here as always.


Valencia, who lost differently in Bergamo, was about to beat Real Sociedad 3-0 and hit the bottom, but first they passed Real Betis with 2-1, and then relaxed with a score of 1 in Alaves displacement.

Stopper Gabriel Paulista suspended, Ezequiel Garay closed the season. The situation of Eliaquim Mangala will become clear at the match time.

Striker Maxi Gomez, who missed Alaves due to injury, is not expected to play. Another striker Rodrigo, who did not serve in the first Atalanta match, is back, will take his place in the match squad.

The miracle team of the Champions League Atalanta, on the other hand, was able to reach only 1 match in Serie A after the first 4-1 match as a result of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

Duvan Zapata, who scored 3 goals in the 7-2 win over Lecce, and Josip Ilicic, who played with 1 goal and 2 assists, will be the most trusted names of TD Gian Piero Gasperini in the rematch.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the match will be played without the audience on the recommendation of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

This evening, RedBull Leipzig welcomes Tottenham Hotspur at home at 23.00 as part of the UEFA Champions League. In the first game of the last 16 rounds, Leipzig defeated finalist Tottenham in the 58th minute with a penalty goal scored by Timo Werner in the 58th minute and Tottenham lost the advantage. Here are the striking statistics on the Tottenham front before the critical match.

What is the corona virus? symptoms and methods of treatment drugs


The virus called ‘2019-nCoV’, which was first seen in the world in the 1960s, is known as the coronavirus or coronavirus. Coronavirus became one of the most sought-after topics on the Internet, with the Chinese re-emergence in Wuhan in December. The Wuhan region of China is known as the place where Coronavirus originated.

The coronavirus, which can travel in different states as light, medium and heavy, is in the same group with the SARS released in 2002 and the MERS virus released in 2012. It is known that the coronavirus (coronavirus), which appeared with a picture similar to the common cold, hovered in very heavy tables in 2020. Coronavirus outbreak has been one of the common problems of many countries at the moment. The new version of this virus, which most people encounter in a moment of their lives, causes severe and negative consequences. Coronavirus is in viruses that leap from animals to humans. This virus mutates when it passes to humans and can spread among humans.

Where was Coronavirus (Coronavirus) seen?
“Who spread the coronavirus?”, “How many people caught the coronavirus?” Questions like are wondered by many people. Coronavirus has been seen in 27 countries including China so far. The virus has spread to the eastern regions of China, as well as to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, France, Italy, Iran and Taiwan.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a symptomatic disease. The symptoms of coronavirus, also referred to as “corona virus” or “corona virus”, can be listed as follows: dry cough, fever, weakness, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, pneumonia, respiratory distress, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.

What are Coronovirus Damages?
It is a disease with a large coronavirus damage that occurs with a picture similar to the common cold. Watching with a heavier table than flu causes death. Coronavirus is a flu-like disease in its appearance.

Who are at risk in coronavirus?
This picture is even more severe, especially in the elderly, those with cancer or immunosuppressive diseases, and those with lung diseases. It can be said that there are different underlying diseases in all those who died due to this virus.

Is Coronavirus contagious? In what way is coronavirus transmitted?
The coronavirus that alarms the world is one of the viruses that cause colds. The coronavirus, which is a member of the virus family known as SARS and MERS-CoV, scares so much because of its high spreading power. SARS, which made an epidemic in 2002-2003, had become a very frightening virus just like it is now.

SARS was not spreading fast; however, the mortality rate in the infected patients was very high. There are over 100 varieties of coronavirus. It is a type of virus, the vast majority of which are transmitted to humans, causing the infection in animals. The vast majority of coronavirus that can be passed on to humans can be overcome with a mild cold. According to current figures, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world is 76 thousand; 2 thousand 300 people died from this virus. However, “How many days does Coronavirus kill?” It is not possible to answer such questions. Few of the coronavirus has been subjected to such a mutation to achieve the ability to descend not only in the upper respiratory tract, but into the lung. Thus, it comes up with pneumonia table. It also causes a very severe flu picture in patients with pneumonia.

What causes coronavirus?
“Corona virus causes?” The coronavirus, which is also available on the internet, can reach the respiratory system through airborne droplets, as a result of sneezing and coughing, similar to flu infections caused by the influenza virus. In addition, by touching the infected surfaces, the mouth and eyes can also be transmitted. “How many hours does the coronavirus work?” There is no answer to questions such as; but “How many days does Coronavirus work?” General flu complaints such as cough and fever occur within 5-11 days following the passage of the virus. The diagnosis of the disease is based on samples from respiratory secretions. When the lower respiratory tract involvement is added to this table in the upper respiratory tract, the patient’s condition may worsen.

coronavirus; Compared to the loss of life rates of 11 -12% in SARS and 35-50% in MERS, although it has a rather low rate of 1-2%, it has the ability to be transmitted rapidly and thus poses a danger. Recently, “Is there any coronavirus drug?” While seeking the answer to the questions, scientists started the drug and vaccine studies that affect the virus. In the coming periods, information about drug and vaccination studies will be shared by the World Health Organization.

What are the ways to prevent coronavirus?
Coronavirus is similar to the ways of protection from the flu. Hand hygiene is extremely important to prevent this disease. Coronavirus is a disease with protection routes. Hand hygiene ranks first in preventing not only Corona virus but also many diseases. Hands must be kept clean. If it is located in crowded places, it is always touched. Therefore, the mouth, nose or eyes should not be touched until the hands are thoroughly cleaned. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water. It is also possible to benefit from alcohol-based hand antiseptics in hand cleaning. When sick, sneezing or coughing, one should not sneeze and cough. Disposable tissue paper should be preferred when sneezing, coughing. If the handkerchief cannot be found, one of the arms can be taken to the mouth and nose area and the droplets to be released can be prevented from spreading in the air. It is important to use a coronavirus protective mask. People who are sick can be prevented from spreading this disease to others by using a mask. In addition, nutrition to strengthen immunity, consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of fluids, not being in crowded and closed areas are among the precautions to be taken against the disease. Door handles should not be touched and door handles should be disinfected well.

Did you go to Turkey Coronavirus?
There are many sensational information about coronavirus, namely coronavirus. Turkey, until now no evidence of coronavirus. The coronavirus did not come to the borders of Van or to the borders of a different province. The Ministry of Health has taken all necessary precautions and stored antiviral drugs and medical supplies. So do coronavirus within the borders of Turkey. Turkey has taken measures necessary due to an outbreak of Koronovirüs both countries worldwide needed.

Does Coronavirus pass with grape vinegar?
Many people on the internet search for “protection with Coronavirus apple vinegar” or “protection with Coronavirus grape vinegar”. There is no such thing as coronavirus, that is, the coronavirus is not transmitted by vinegar.

Is it a problem with coronavirus treatment?

Coronavirus treatment is a problem without a specific treatment. However, coronavirus is a disease that is a means of protection. In the treatment, patients with respiratory distress are given respiratory support. If there is a fever, antipyretics are given. It is not effective on any antibiotic Corona virus. Although Corona virus side effects are also being studied, there is no effective drug related to the virus. There is no vaccine. Antibiotics are not as effective as other viral infections. Antibiotics are effective only against bacteria. Antibiotics have no effect in corona virus infections, diseases such as influenza and colds. Corona virus does not cause fainting or similar symptoms. General symptoms are similar to flu, such as fever, weakness, cough, shortness of breath.

Coronavirus kills?
Corona virus, which causes respiratory distress, causes viral pneumonia in the lungs. The disease, which manifests as a normal cold, causes severe involvement in the lung when it progresses heavily. Eventually, respiratory distress or even respiratory failure occurs. In the next stage, the patient may be lost. Similarly, in 2002, 10 percent of patients died in SARS infection. The source of this was the Musk cat. In the MERS infection that emerged in 2012, 34 percent of patients died. The source of this virus was camels. According to the latest information, 2 percent of patients died in the newly released Corona virus.

Observe these warnings to protect you from coronavirus
1-Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.

2-Always remind young children of the hygiene rules and have them wash their hands.

3-If water and soap cannot be found, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

4-While coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper, then throw away the tissue.

5-Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with dirty hands.

6-Eating from the same plate with patients, sharing the same glass or avoiding close contact.

7-Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and toys.

8-If it is necessary to travel to risky areas, wash your hands regularly before and after contact with animals.

9-Avoid contact with sick animals.

10-Do not consume raw or uncooked animal products.

Corona virus is transmitted without eating or drinking?
There is no clear information that the corona virus is transmitted without eating or drinking.

What should a patient suspected of corona virus do?
If the presence of corona virus is suspected, the nearest healthcare facility should be consulted. On the way to reach this health institution, the sick person should definitely cover his mouth and nose with a mask.

How are travelers protected from coronavirus?
Anyone with fever, cough, muscle, joint pain, headaches, respiratory distress should delay their travel. In addition, those who are traveling should not be sleepless during epidemic periods in order to keep the immunity strong. Diabetics, cancer patients, people who have had chemotherapy before, those with rheumatic disease, those with lung, heart diseases, asthma, and respiratory diseases such as COPD should postpone their travels and should not enter very crowded environments. These apply not only to coronavirus but also to other catarrhal viruses such as influenza.

What is the importance of hand washing in coronavirus?
Hand washing has an important role in infectious diseases. When the virus gets on the hands by touching the places, it can be cleaned easily by washing the hands, while the hands are transmitted by contact with the mouth, face and nose. For those who work in environments where frequent hand washing is not possible, hand sanitizers in the form of liquid or wipes should be kept in the bag. Especially after getting off public transport, hands should be cleaned with disinfectants.

Is it dangerous to go to a shopping mall in Coronavirus?
Although there is no risk for healthy people to limit going to closed places such as shopping malls and theaters, those who feel themselves sluggish, exhausted, high fever and sick should definitely not enter crowded areas, making these viruses into epidemics by risking the society.

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These foods disrupt our oral and dental health!


Our oral and dental health is very important for our body. Losing our oral and dental health can lead to many diseases. Foods that we should not consume for oral care are as important as foods that we should not consume.

Fruit soda: It greatly increases the decay in the teeth with the sugar it contains. In addition, high acid content damages tooth enamel.

Sports and energy drinks: These drinks are among the drinks that harm dental health because they contain a lot of sugar.

Coffee: Coffee is one of the primary reasons for the yellowing of the teeth with its color and acid content. If the teeth turn yellow based on coffee and tea, the dentist must be consulted.

Fruit juices: The pH of fruit juices is 2.5. It should not be forgotten that foods with a pH lower than 7 damage the teeth.

Lemon: Lemon has harm to the teeth with its PH 2. So its acidic feature is very high.

Sticky foods: Foods such as Turkish delight or jelly bind to the teeth as well as the high sugar content in the content harms the teeth.

Ice: No matter how harmless ice is, it is also harmful for dental health. Ice is hard and chewing is rather inconvenient. If there are fillings in the mouth or teeth that are rotting, ice should not be chewed. In addition, chewing ice causes glare.

White bread: Did you know that white bread is also among the foods that harm teeth? Refined carbohydrates appear as bacteria in the mouth, damaging oral and dental health.

Potato chips: No matter how tasty potato chips are, they are quite harmful. Because after eating potato chips, the residues stick between the teeth and stay there for a long time.

Crackers: Refined carbohydrates, which are found in crackers, quickly turn into sugar. So as soon as you start chewing the cracker, bacteria begin to multiply very quickly.

Citrus: The amount of vitamin C in citrus is very important for our health. However, this group, which includes foods such as grapefruit, tangerine, orange, lemon, contains high levels of acid. Therefore, after consuming these foods, the mouth should be rinsed with water.

9 mistakes reduce the benefit of sleep!


Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Neurology, Sleep Disorders Specialist Dr. Murat Aksu stated that scientific studies play a crucial role in protecting healthy sleep from diseases and strengthening immunity. “Some toxic substances in other organs of the organism can be thrown out of the body. Healthy and adequate sleep is essential for the immune system to work well,” he says.


While unhealthy and inadequate sleep causes serious problems in the synthesis of some proteins in the immune system and the immune system, it both prepares the ground and slows down the healing process of the diseases. Professor Dr. Murat Aksu; Emphasizing that some rules should be observed in order to show the positive effects of sleep in real terms, he says that the main secretion of the hormone melatonin is enough. Because the scientific studies emphasized that melatonin hormone secreted in the dark strengthens immunity, and that its deficiency affects immunity negatively. Dr. Murat Aksu “There are very important researches about the importance of melatonin. Dark environment is essential for melatonin hormone to be released and if melatonin hormone has a positive effect on other cells. If there is light, if we are exposed to light or if we are exposed to blue light reflected from tablet, phone, computer and television screens. As the brain perceives blue light as daylight, melatonin release is suddenly interrupted and our sleep is divided, while we are exposed to negative effects while melatonin is not being released. it reveals “.


Stating that the ideal sleep time varies from person to person, Professor states that every healthy person should sleep for at least 6 hours. Dr. Murat Aksu emphasized that sleep is very important especially between the hours of 23:00 and 02:00 “Our organs work differently between 23:00 and 02:00. it is very important to be asleep between these hours if it is not necessary. “

9 reduces the benefits of false sleep!

Sleep is very important between 23:00 and 02:00

Using a night light or sleeping by opening the curtain

Sleeping in front of the television or in an audio environment

Exposure to blue light reflected from tablet, computer, television screens

Sleeping in a very hot environment

Lying late at night and being awake between 23:00 and 02:00

Sleeping in a place other than a bed (sofa bed, sofa)

To prevent the body and brain from resting before sleep

Drinking and drinking caffeinated drinks a few hours before sleep

Going to bed thinking of problems

Ready to discover the “right passwords of health”?


I am also very happy that the comments you made after the interview and the questions you asked showed how accurate I am on the platform.

Yeah! As I mentioned in my book “The Right Passwords of Health”, I have been doing research on my hardware that I acquired in the field of Medicine and Nutrition for three years, by using more than 2000 resources. My studies on topics such as “How do we protect against diseases that come with aging while getting older, what factors disrupt health, what are the mistakes we know right and what should we pay attention to stay healthy, young and beautiful” brought me to a certain point. I would like to share this information and this perspective that I have acquired with you in these lines.

You wake up with new information every day in the field of health, right? A food that is stated as “do not eat” one day, the next day it is crowned, a new trend is praised, you feel deficient if you do not eat, you feel guilty for the method you do not apply for the days you do not eat. As a person who values ​​your health, you probably want to do whatever it takes! On the other hand, you don’t want to be left behind in the golden age of visuality. You want to look young and beautiful. So what to do? If so, what kind of a way to stay healthy, young and beautiful in “information pollution”?

First of all, we need to know that the body is an amazing system that works in balance and order. Environment and living conditions that disturb balance and order! Wrong or missing environmental and living conditions disrupt health, causing diseases. Factors include nutritional inaccuracies, deficiencies or excesses, sleep disturbances, lack of physical activity, stress, germs inside and outside, toxins, drugs, heavy metals, alcohol, smoking, air pollution, radiation, UV, electromagnetic fields. Some of them are factors that we can correct such as diet, sleep, exercise. Some of them are not available, such as electromagnetic fields and air pollution.

Of course, it is necessary to add practices that are exaggerated to be healthy with the wrongs known to these factors, under-the-steps procedures made with hearsay information, and unnecessary burdens.

However, there are things we can do. By considering the body-mind-spirit integrity, we can help maintain the balance I am talking about and keep the system working properly. And the good news is; We can prevent diseases by improving the environment and living conditions as much as we can. Let me continue with the terms known to those who closely follow health-related developments: With correct habits and correct timing, gene expression can improve, mitochondria become better, inflammation decreases, oxidative stress decreases, and telomeres become longer. Researching and learning this information is the first step. The second step, the main thing, is to determine what is right for you, your truth. The third step is to apply it in a sustainable way.

You are precious. You are one with your body, mind, and soul. And you are unique to yourself. So much so that even the type and number of bacteria in your gut is unique to you. Your age, gender, daily life, work pace, health history, genetic structure, mental skills, stress level are different. Useful to someone else may not be good for you. That’s why I say “There is no single recipe for everyone!”.

On this page, on the one hand, you will be able to learn practical tips that can be adapted to your daily life while you are reading the information in the body-mind-soul integrity in order to stay healthy, young and beautiful, to protect you from diseases, on the other hand, you can be aware of current research in health.

Are you ready to discover the “Right Passwords of Health”?

“Fear of corona is bigger than corona truth”


Noting that a virus that will bring the end of humanity is mentioned from time to time in Hollywood movies and novels, Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu emphasized that the perception that the coronavirus, which spreads rapidly and causes loss of life, is the virus that will always bring the said apocalypse, spreads as fast as the virus itself.

Yeditepe University Kosuyolu Hospital Infection Diseases and Clinical Microbiology emphasizing that coronavirus is not a human virus like influenza (flu), saying “Coronary virus is perceived as a new virus, but it has been known by medical circles that it is a very common virus that causes colds during the winter months.” Specialist Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said:

“The new coronavirus, called the 2019-nCoV, such as bird flu in 1997 and the swine flu seen in 2009, is also seen in humans. it can be transmitted to people, and transmission continues among people. “

The new coronavirus is very similar to the SARS coronavirus seen in 2003. SARS CoV appeared in Asian countries and travels like the epidemic today have been stopped. Emphasizing that the total number of patients in SARS CoV is higher but the loss of life is less. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu added that the reason for fear and panic in 2019-nCoV was due to higher loss of lives.


Stating that today 77 thousand coronavirus cases are seen in China, Professor. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said, “The rate in China is high, but there are about 2 thousand cases in countries outside of China. How quickly the disease spreads and how fatal it can be seen by looking at these cases outside China. When a projection is made with the available data, It is understood that the rate of loss is not at 15 percent as in SARS CoV, but it is 2 percent in young people and 4 percent in old people .The occurrence of this virus in China is also the subject of speculation. “This virus binds through the receptor called angiotensin converting enzyme” in the lower respiratory tract, the lungs. The density of these receptors in Chinese society is much more common than in other parts of the world, “he said.


Stating that there is no big risk in any person without a Chinese theme, Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu underlined that 2019-nCoV did not increase intensely in countries outside of China and that several cases should not cause an outrage and continued as follows:

“The disease does not spread uncontrollably fast in reality. It does not lead to high casualties. We have seen this for the last 2.5 months. Let’s not be so scared, but we should take our precautions at the highest level. First, we should not go abroad as much as possible, especially to Far Asia. It is not necessary to be at international airports if possible, but we should not be in close contact with people like kissing, hugging, etc. Elderly people over the age of 80 should stay away from crowded environments such as shopping malls, airports, bus stations etc. People who have contact with a foreigner, especially a Chinese or Asian person, are under 14-day surveillance, in quarantine. People in risky groups such as the elderly or chemotherapy patients who enter very crowded environments should definitely wear sheltered masks. “


“The only defense mechanism that prevents people from getting sick is the immune system. It is an important risk factor for the genetic immune system, but sedentary life, drinking, smoking, not eating a balanced diet, often not going out in the open air are the factors that collapse the immune system. In such a case, the simplest viruses can make the person seriously ill.” Saying Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said: “It is essential to eat well, to spend time in the open air, to control stress, to sleep well, to drink plenty of fluids and to wash hands when it comes from outside. It is possible to be protected from many infections, including.

Bulk coronavirus tests will be conducted in the UK


In the UK, the government decided to start a coronavirus control program, where 600 people will be tested per week. The coronavirus tests of 9 people have been positive in the country so far.

According to the headlines of the country’s leading newspapers, thousands of Britons were decided to be tested, worrying that there may be many more cases than known in the UK after the unexpected increase in the number of people carrying coronavirus in Europe.

The Public Health Agency has announced that they will start a “follow-up” program, where 600 people will be tested per week. In the program, which includes 100 health clinics and 11 hospitals, even those who show very few symptoms and patients who have never been to “high risk” countries will be tested.


In addition to the tests, the President of the British Public Health Agency, Chris Whitty, stated that they “are exploring all options” to combat the spread of the virus.

Expressing that schools can be closed within this scope, but there is no need to make such a mass decision at this stage, Whitty also said that there may be restrictions on the use of public transportation. Whitty also said that if the threat increases, the entire family of the infected person can be quarantined.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said he was “very concerned” about the outbreak, while the government advised British citizens not to travel to 11 quarantined towns in Italy unless mandatory.

Precautions were taken in at least 12 schools attended by students returning from a ski vacation in Italy. While education was interrupted in at least 2 schools, some students and staff were sent to their homes in others.

In Scotland, officials warned that major meetings could be banned if the virus spreads.

Irish officials announced that they would call for the cancellation of the rugby match between Ireland and Italy this weekend in Dublin, otherwise a “significant risk” might arise.

Until now, only 9 people had positive tests, and Britain had declared its coranavirus “serious and imminent threat.

Holding excessive teams brings health problems


Public Health Specialist, who stated that excessive adherence can cause many health problems such as cough, cold, allergy, weight gain and high blood pressure due to stress. Lecturer. “Research shows that the probability of having a heart attack increases in important matches. Maybe the most plausible suggestion is that people with cardiovascular diseases do not go to the match,” said Enis Balkan member.

In a study conducted with Brazilian spectators during the 2014 World Cup, it was stated that fans who were overly attached to their teams experienced more stress while watching live matches.

According to the results of the research published in Stress and Health Magazine, it was noted that excessive advocacy can lead to many health problems. It was stated that cortisol, which is a stress hormone, can cause a suppressed immune system (cough, cold, allergy) weight gain and high blood pressure in time. In previous researches, it was among the results of the research that there was an increase in heart attacks among the fans on important match days.


Dr. Nişantaşı University, Department of Social Services, who said that the events around people or the activities they experience, sometimes participate in excitement, may affect their mood positively or negatively. Lecturer. “When we get excited or make us feel bad, our nervous system causes the secretion of hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. In this context, it can create problems in the health of the fans watching sports.”

Giving an example from the fans in the football match. Balkan, “When the team does not perform the desired performance, it gets angry and angry. This causes the release of the hormones we have defined above. The effect of these hormones accelerates, the number of heart beats increases, the blood pressure rises, the muscles tighten, changes in the digestive system, pain in the stomach begins, With this effect, the immune system is suppressed and becomes susceptible to infections, “he said.


Public Health Specialist, who stated that if healthy people do not take long, they will not be adversely affected by these changes. “However, some pre-existing conditions in the body may cause life-threatening negativities during this period as well. For example, studies among the audience of the important final matches show that the probability of having a heart attack in these matches increases. Also, in these cases, an increase in the tendency to aggression is observed.” .


He advised on what to do personally in the solution of the issue. Lecturer. Member Enis Balkan said, “Learning to cope with stress, that is, having the knowledge and equipment that can manage its own stress. It is necessary to remember the wordharms the sharp vinegar cube ” and learn the anger management. Nevertheless, it is not to be excited and impressed in environments where there are large crowds such as stadiums. In the context of mass psychology, no matter how much resistance resides, the majority hears the same excitement and is affected, annoyed, angered, and even damaged.

 Dr. Lecturer. Member Enis Balkan said, “It can be suggested for these situations that are not easy to solve, it can be done socially, taking measures to calm the environment when tension increases, preventive discourses of the social polarization of the fans, fair management of the matches, creating better environments with calming music to be played in the competition environment”.